About Me

I am a music composer, making and producing music on my own.  

I share my music through internet music distributors for commercial use mainly to be used for theme music, BGM of movies, while producing songs and instrumental music at the direct request of individuals and corporations.

The following is an item used in a Podcast video for its theme music:

My favorites are Chicago, TOTO, Beatles, Sting, Keith Jarrett, Eric Marienthal, Toots Thielemans, Paul Desmond, Ennio Morricone, etc.

While enjoying music including making them since my childhood, I was engaged in non-music industries as a finance person over the past decades 

In late 2017 I started music business in the above-mentioned way for the new and best of my life .  

I tell myself to remember to make music that gives happiness to myself.  And I hope my music does so to a lot of people someday, too.

( "forSomethingNew" , the name I use for presenting myself when I act in music business scenes, comes from the title of the song I made in 1982 as a college student just before going into the world. )

Music Production System: Cubase Pro
Audio Interface: OCTA-CAPTURE
Keyboard: RD-800